Sailing trips

On board the Boekanier the guests decide where they would like to sail to, how long the trip will be, and where they would like to start and finish. In this way, we hope to completely accommodate your wishes.

Please also remember that it is not necessary to sail and if you prefer the ship can stay on location and you can party at the shore. The ship is suitable for the IJsselmeer, the Dutch in-waters and can also sail to Friesland or Zeeland.


  • daytrips
  • weekends
  • longer trips
  • hospitality
  • meetings
  • team building day’s
  • staff training
  • staff parties
  • family weeks
  • competition weekends
  • other suggestions welcome

IJsselmeer and the Dutch in-waters

Re-live old times whilst sailing the old Dutch in-waters. Not to be missed is a visit to the Bativia in Lelystad. At the moment they are rebuilding the ‘seven provinces’, the flagship that once belonged to Michiel de Ruyter.

The Dutch islands

Excitement and relaxation go hand in hand on this beautiful island. When we arrive at the island will we run aground on the sandbank?…go island walking?…will we see the seals?…will the tide be in our favour?…will the wind direction be ok?…
The islands really have so much to offer; it has an unspoilt natural beauty rarely experienced today.


The best way to see the beautiful area of Friesland is via the water. From where all of the towns, and most of the charming villages, can still be reached.

“De Boekanier” avessel with a very rich and interesting history

The history of the Boekanier dates back to 1901 when she was first placed in the water on the famous ‘Dageraad’ dock in Woubrugge. Since that time she has sailed through many storms during her 89 years of hard work.

In 1990 the Boekanier was totally restored to her former glory by the present owners – Joop and Cecelia Bosshardt.” Although there was much work to be done to bring the ship up to modern day sailing standards, we feel we have managed to retain the nostalgic character of our beautiful ship, along with a suitable standard of luxury for the modern age. We are proud to say that we can class our ship with 3 stars”.

Enjoying tranquillity and privacy

The Boekanier was ahead of it’s time when originally built with double cabins, all of which are fitted with central heating, ventilation, and all enjoying plenty of light. All cabins are fully equipped with duvets, towels and bed linen.

There is a separate sitting area, which includes a bar serving draught beer together with an excellent kitchen and a cosy lounge. You will have a luxurious stay on board the Boekanier!


Many people nowadays like to break the routine of day to day life. Some like to do business on the water- the Boekanier provides an excellent location-while others may just wish to get away for a day (or longer).
In the past, people have had a barbecue on Schiermonnikoog, a party evening on Terschelling, a visit by Ecomare op Texel, an island walk or just sailed along the picturesque villages of IJsselmeer.