Two mast Klipper The Buccaneer

Adventure, relaxation, fresh air, fun and hospitality…just a few ideas from the endless possibilities on board the Boekanier. With our own on board catering and a fully equipped and luxurious ship, you won’t miss out on a thing.

There are many different options once on board the Boekanier, stay over for a night and enjoy a memorable sailing trip to the villages of the Dutch islands, or a wild speedboat ride from the Boekanier. There won’t be one minute to get bored.

On the Boekanier, a 3 star two-mast clipper, you will have a luxurious stay. Once under the rigging you will taste the atmosphere which is a part of this beautiful and traditional sailing ship. The Boekanier feels equally at home on the IJsselmeer, the Dutch wadden shallows and the Friesh inland waterways.

Active sailing as a passenger on board the Boekanier is encouraged. The excellent standard of accommodation and full catering service are a guaranteed recipe for successful sailing trips.

On board the Boekanier the guests can choose where to sail to and what time they would like to start and finish. The ship can also stay on location and your party can be a success even without the sailing. In other words, we try as much as possible to make your wishes come true.

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Workumer Dijk 9 Makkum, The Netherlands
+31 (0)6 - 539 224 90

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